Sunday, November 22, 2015

Ayo Mencoba Mencipta Sastra Enam Kata Ala Ernest Hemingway

Sastra enam kata
Foto pinjam dari
Dunia khayangan, di suatu Minggu pagi

Usai menyetrika (lagi-lagi), menjelang waktu membersihkan diri. Daku sempatkan mampir di lapak Mas Hazmi. Entah mengapa aku kagum sama penulis minimalis ini. Jangan tanya kenapa! #galak euiii.

It's all about taste and really subjective, man! No need further explanation, ok. 
At least for this time, I guess. Who knows... 

Can we move on?

I am so sorry, I just changes my mind.

I want to share this in English, it's just pop up in to my mind. Kind a cool, I guess

Back to laptop!

I read his posting slowly, couple times.

Until I got the message

I am so agreed with him in the part when it said that boss sometimes do this stuff,  answered in 6 words actually.

So true.

Then I wrote my comment there "Awesome! We should do this sometimes!" 
While reading and writing, I do calculating many times to make sure it is consists 6 words sensuality.

Did you smell sensuality there? Let me know, please

Or, do you have such as experience as well?

Let share to the world!!


  1. Oke mbak, I'm not asking for explanation. Heheee

  2. iya..kalau nanya entar digalakin..

  3. Such a great words! Let's share to the world ^^

  4. Sebuah kehormatan ketika namaku tertulis disini.

    #KomenHampirEnamKata hahahaha

  5. Klo aku boleh nanya ga nih
    Btw barti pecinta kata kata puitis ya mb Rosa hihi

  6. I smell cookies ...cookies also has sensuality xixixix

  7. Honestly, i never count on it :D


    1. Yay!
      Keep the spirit ON...
      This kind an interesting things, are you with me, Mom?


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